Hawaiʻi Unites Against Invasives:

Little Fire Ants (LFA)

What’s the fuss all about?

Watch this 7-minute video and you’ll see what’s at risk for Hawaiʻi:

How do I find out if I have LFA?

Watch this video to learn how to survey your property:

Want to get a suspect ant tested?

The Hawaiʻi Ant Lab (HAL) has produced a field guide to help identify LFAs.

If you find a suspected LFA, HAL & BIISC will identify them for you free of charge.

Be sure to freeze overnight and mail the specimen to:

Hawaii Ant Lab
16 E. Lanikaula St.
Hilo, HI 96720


Big Island Invasive Species Committee
21 East Kawili Street
Hilo, HI 96725

In West Hawaii: CTAHR in Kainaliu (across the street from the Aloha Theater) will take your frozen specimens and mail in for you.

My ants tested positive. What do I do now?

Talk to your neighbors and ask if they have them. Teach them how to survey.

Connect with our great resources on the Big Island for help:

If you wish to undertake treatment of your property yourself BIISC and HAL can provide in-person community training.

If your area has a 10-20 acre area of infestation and your neighbors are willing to coordinate your efforts on a schedule contact BIISC. They have developed a year-long community support program.

  1. Big Island Invasive Species Committee (BIISC)
  2. Hawaii Ant Lab (HAL)

If you prefer to hire an LFA service provider contact FireAntsHawaii.com

If you live in another county of Hawaii go to StopTheAnt.org to find resources on your island.

How to Mix Tango Gel Bait

Follow along with this video to mix up the gel bait created by the Hawaii Ant Lab using either Tango or Provaunt.