“Hawaii already suffers from more invasive species than any other state in the nation and remains constantly vulnerable to them due to its heavy reliance on imports. Over 80 percent of our goods and almost 90 percent of our food comes from the outside and provides avenues for their entry. Once invasive species reach the islands their impacts are often swift and severe due to our unique, fragile ecosystem.

Gov. David Ige recently summed up our vulnerability and the importance of immediate action in a single sentence: “Invasive species pose the single greatest threat to Hawaii’s economy and natural environment, and the health and lifestyle of Hawaii’s people.”

Despite these imminent dangers, only 4 percent of the state budget is dedicated to addressing this paramount threat. Similarly, only a very small portion of the public is currently aware of these imminent dangers.

If the introduction of invasive species is left unchecked the consequences will be devastating…”

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