Hawaiʻi Unites Against Invasives:


Stop the Silent Invasion: “Hawaii is under siege by invasive alien pests that impact our economy, environment, human health and our quality of life.”  https://www.invasivespeciesinfo.gov/docs/council/HISC%20Presentation.pdf


1992 Nature Conservancy of Hawaii: “The magnitude of the threat posed by continual introduction of alien species into the State has [made apparent] that stopping the influx of new pests is essential to Hawaii’s future well-being. A multi-agency planning effort is urgently needed to develop a cohesive and comprehensive pest prevention and control system.”

1998 The OTA Report on Harmful Nonindigenous Species: “On average, 15% of foreign species trigger severe economic or environmental damage and about 40% cause some harm. Once troublesome species become established, they are rarely eliminated and new ones are constantly added.”

2002 Legislative Reference Bureau: “The alien species problem in Hawaii is both serious and daunting. The damage that invasive species cause and may potentially cause affects the State’s health and safety, as well as its economic and environmental well being. The present system…is plagued with serious gaps and leaks.” Based on this report the State Legislature recommended a coordinating body with dedicated staff.

2015 Legislative Reference Bureau: “Since the writing of the 2002 report, the seriousness of the invasive species problem in Hawaii has dramatically increased and cannot be underestimated…the State and its partners need a robust, comprehensive plan of action to meet this threat to its continued existence and a sustained commitment to support the execution of that plan.”


2017 Audit of HDOA Plant Quarantine Branch: Of the approximately 34 million tons of domestic cargo imported to the islands in 2015 only 2.5 percent was inspected by the state: http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/35871988/audit-plant-quarantine-inspectors-share-info-caveman-style-despite-pricey-database

                                       “Na Aumakakua” Blessing

Performers – Lauryn Chung & Xavier Chung

Teacher – Leinani Navas-Loa @ KukuluKumahana ‘O Honaunau School